Loan Modifications

Loan Modifications can be used to amend the terms of a loan. Some of the more common modifications are to extend the maturity date, change the loan amount, change the product, convert from construction to permanent, or increase the Texas Residential Construction Contract.

Our order form contains a minimum number of screens and is very user friendly.  It also contains help screens and suggests minimum documentation.  Our staff has over 20 years of experience and has processed many different types of modifications of various loan programs.

We make sure the correct forms are used. For example, FNMA Modification Forms, MERS or Non-MERS, Reinstatement, Renewal and Extension, Home Equity and HELOC modification forms just to name a few.  We also have a FLEX Modification Agreement that is the result of very smart computer programming. It is adaptable to most bank loans, such as floating rate, two step, etc.  Our FLEX modification agreement also accommodates banks that are modifying loans from other banks such as bank mergers and successors.

The Challenge

1. Modifying an existing loan can be challenging because each situation is different requiring impossibly large numbers of document sets.

2. The rules and regulations are unclear and it is difficult to stay in compliance when modifying a loan.

The Solution

1. We have designed a flexible loan modification agreement. We simply tell it about the existing loan and how we want to modify it. The system automatically builds the required language and correctly selects supplemental documents for the closing package.

2. Our experienced staff will analyze the situation and provide documents and disclosures as needed.

Advantages of using our services:

We can accommodate a wide variety of modifications covering loans such as: secondary market FNMA/FHLMC with or without MERS, in-house bank loans such as borrower interim, builder interim, rate term loans, lot loans, HELOC, Home Equity Closed End, 1X Close, and 2X Close.  Our experienced staff can walk you through the process and help make it easy.

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